BHIM App cashback offer: Get Rs. 25 cashback on each UPI transaction up to Rs. 750

Hey, Friends, we are back with one more BHIM App cashback offer in which BHIM app is offering cashback of Rs. 25 on each UPI Transaction of Rs. 100 or more. You can earn up to Rs. 750 cashback by doing UPI transactions each month. To avail, this offers every user must-have BHIM app account. The offer is applicable on send money offer to other using UPI/ VPA/ Mobile number/ Bank account. For the first 20 transactions of the month equalling to Rs. 100 or more you will get Rs. 500 cashback and 250 cashback on transacting 100 times with minimum Rs. 10 or more. You can also earn Rs. 51 on your first UPI/ VPA transaction of minimum Rs. 1.

So, In total, you can earn cashback of Rs. 750 in a calendar month. The cashback will be credited into your BHIM linked Bank account directly after the 10th of next month.

BHIM App Cashback offer

Recently we have already posted about Paytm mall app free Rs. 500 order trick using FIRSTTIMELUCKY code to order various products for free which are listed on the offer page. Today we are going to tell you some free ways to earn real cash directly into your bank account. Only Unique transactions will be counted in this cashback offer. So, Follow the step by step guide to earning Rs. 750 + 51.

1st Offer- Rs. 51 cash back on first BHIM transaction

Download the BHIM app and link your bank account and complete the first transaction to get the cashback of Rs. 51 in your Bank account.

1- First of all download the BHIM App

2- Sign up on the app using your Mobile number which is also registered with your bank account.

3- Verify your mobile number with OTP > Set up your 4 digit secure code.

4- Complete first transaction by sending minimum Rs. 1 on some one UPI/ VPA address.

5- Cashback of Rs. 51 will be credited after the 10th in next month.

2nd Offer- Cashback of Rs. 25 on 20 transaction up to Rs. 500

You can earn a cashback of Rs. 500 by completing 20 transaction of minimum Rs. 100 or more. This offer is valid on unique transaction of  VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number.

1- First download and sign up on the BHIM app

2- Proceed to send money via VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number

3- Make sure that the transactions are equal to or more than Rs. 100

4- Cashback amount will be credited in your Bank account directly which is linked to your Bank account.

3rd Offer- Cashback of Rs. 250 on 100 transaction of min. Rs. 10

To promote the online transactions in India official Govt. app BHIM is offering bunch of cash back offers to make India digital transactions savvy economy and this is the third cashback offer which is offered by the App. After completing first transaction and cashback offer of Rs 500 the momentum of BHIM App cashback offer is not over yet. In the third cashback offer you will get the cashback of Rs. 250 by completing 100 Unique transaction of Rs. 10 or more than 10

1- First download and sign up on the app.

2- Initiate the transactions of minimum Rs. 10 by sending money using UPI/ VPA, Account Number, Mobile number

3- After completing 100 transactions you will get the cashback of Rs. 250 in your bank account.

Final Words- Time to time BHIM App is bringing new cashback offers, Here at BUSTATS which provides Free Recharge Tricks we are bound to provide new cash back offers on recharge and send money offer in BHIM app. So, Stay tuned with us to get new and latest cashback offer.

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