Fake mobile number for verification: All country number supported

Hey, friends in this post we are going to reveal the much-awaited list of sites/ Apps which provide fake mobile number for verification/ Receiving texts/ OTP etc. You can use these number just like you use your own mobile number. The only drawback of this fake mobile number for OTP is that it’s accessible to anyone. But there are few sites/ Apps which provides separate and unique mobile number as a paid subscriber or free.

Why we need a fake mobile number

Friends, There are many possible reasons behind the fact that why we need the Fake mobile number. Many time while searching or browsing the web or subscribing for the free subscriptions of any online classes/ libraries or subscription we need to verify our mobile number with SMS verification. In a general way, most of us use single number So, It becomes very hard for us to enter the new number again and again.

So, Here we have got 2 choices, Either issue a new SIM card or take a fake mobile number for SMS verification. But here one more twist come into existence that which country you belong to. If you are from United States of America/ United Kingdom/ Australia or any such developed countries, then you will get the bogus number of those countries very easily. But if you are living in countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, etc. Then it will be very difficult to find the local number online.

So, In this post, I am going all the sites which provides disposable mobile numbers only.

Fake Mobile Number for Verification

  • First of all click on the fake number provider sites (Links are given after this topic)
  • Sign up / Login if it is necessary.
  • Select the country from the list to get the local number.
  • Copy that number and input that where ever you want to use.
  • Once the origin site shoots the OTP / SMS verification code click open the number for the received text.
  • Copy the OTP and enter and verify the ownership of that mobile number.
  • Enjoy

Fake mobile number generator sites

List of Apps for creating a fake mobile number

In this part of this article, we are going to tell you about few apps which you can download from the Play store to generate unique Number to make calls and texts from anyone in this world. All the apps have Free/ Paid plans with premium support and functions.

How to get fake Indian mobile number for SMS Verification

You will be surprised to know that there are a handful of websites which provides Indian mobile number for SMS verification. In India, there are many websites which need mobile number verification at the time of signup to let you use their services like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Talkcharge, etc.

And many times we also need a number to take the benefit of any offers. So, follow the steps given below to get Indian mobile number. With the help of below update app you would be able to Generate Indian mobile number for OTP verification.

    • First of download Super Receptionist App- Click Here
    • Open the app and sign-up for a new account.
    • At the time of sign-up go to Upgrade tab and click on lifetime free option
    • After that go to setting and click select the coin balance option.
    • After that, You will see a serial number.
    • Just copy the number and input that where ever you want to use.
    • Request for the OTP SMS verification.
    • Copy the OTP code from the Super receptionist app and done.


So, Here was the list of all online website and apps which provide the disposable mobile number for SMS verification. So, Do use the list and don’t do any illegal activities using fake numbers. I have personally used some of them, and they work like a charm. The mobile numbers that you get are visible to all. So, Do not share any confidential details over there.

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